The doormat or the Go-getter

In life you get two types of people. The doormat and the go-getter. Lucky for you guys I’m the doormat. Those who know me well know that I can never say the word ‘NO’! Yesterday has been a real emotional roller-coaster for me. My heart swelled when people understood why getting published was always my intention, and so important but each time I read a negative comment it struck me to the heart. Yes, I do not know each and every one of you personally, but we have developed some sort of relationship. All my life I have sacrificed, as all women do daily, to make sure that everyone’s else’s comfort comes first. And today is no different. Yes, those negative comments do matter to me, those insults have hurt me. You said I used you… I will prove you wrong, because that is what I do! I know what was in my heart, I was on this journey alone. No one came and whispered words into my ears for me to write this story. I was the one who decided to share it with the world. What right do I have to snatch it away? Mumtaz’s story will continue from Monday. And NO! not because I want the readers, those who have unsubscribed please you are under no pressure to return. I am not ungrateful to my readers, but I do want to prove that I am not a user. I rather let my dream slide, than to prove you right.

Yes, I can write another story, but if this one took me five years to complete, how long will another, with three kids, a husband and house to clean? Yes, this is not your problem.

Those who wish me well may ask why should I care about the negative comments, they are not in my life that I need to prove something to them. It’s not me, it’s not who I am. I aim to please…. everyone else but myself. At the end of the day Allah is the one who makes things happen. If my book is to be published, then it is already written out. If not, then at least it reached the world somehow.

I thank you again for reading my blog. I know that no matter what I say, there are always going to be haters. Fame and fortune was not my intention, else I would have wrote something along the likes of “Fifty Shades”. I wanted feedback. Someone is going to say I am doing this because I don’t want to loose readers, but I repeat to those that unsubscribed please note you are under no obligation to return, while I appreciate your visit, I am not begging you to return. The decision is yours to make. I am continuing to prove to you that I am not a user! As a Muslim, this is more important to me than publishing my book.

Please note that trashy name calling will not be allowed and your comment will be deleted.

I thank everyone else for the well-wishes and duas and kind words… yours is the messages that should have stuck, but somehow my brain got screwed on the wrong way and I hear only the negativity. Jazakallah for believing in me! Jazakallah for the kind words and make me maaf if I have offended any person who has ever visited this blog.

My day will come… there is still hope!

86 thoughts on “The doormat or the Go-getter

  1. Dear sister Asma I think you should honour your blessed soul and do what you feel like remember what u put out there u will receive please stop calling or better still act like a doormat that’s not what Allah wants us to do honour yourself by lifting higher being positive and reaching further then yourself you are are not a door mat so start acting like the achiever you are shake it off and move forward donot yield to other peoples expectations

  2. We all are insan and make mistakes and sometimes say things we shouldn’t. Hurt and disappointment is something all of us have to face at some point or the other in our lives. At the end of the day we have to stay true to ourselves and ultimately to Almighty Allah.

  3. Salaams Asmaa, im soooooo excited for Monday, sooo glad that you decided to bring it back, and also sad on your part at the same time. I totally support your decion/s that you make now and will make in the future, still a thumbs up to you on the story, and a good luck on your adventures waiting for you in the future.

  4. Salaams sister Asmaa, when I heard about your decision to end the blog yesterday I must say I like many fans was disappointed. However after reading your post today I must say that you are truly a brave person to give up your dreams and personally I feel that you shouldn’t give up your dreams for a few disappointed fans. I feel its so unfair to you and most of the readers are just being selfish. I admit yesterday I was one of those selfish people but after reading what you wrote today I would fully support you if you choose to publish. Please don’t let a few fans dissuade you, follow your dreams…

  5. Follow your dreams sister Asmaa. It seems the negativity has subsided, we all salute you and encourage you to go ahead and publish, go for your dreams, as someone said–Do it for your kids and yourself. Life is too short to worry about others. You got this last chance; Please don’t be a doormat, follow your dreams, you still can change your mind. You’re amazing!

  6. Slms. Sister Asma, have your cake AND eat it! I echo the sentiments of Sister in Islam. Post our daily doses, but also persevere in getting your writing published…In Shaa Allaah, u will publish soon, and I’m almost positive that most of us will endeavor to get the book anyway. I have 2 questions that I hope u can answer: 1) how many more posts complete the book? 2) will u still be posting the story of Bilkis? Take care 🙂

  7. Asmaa, I’ve followed Mumtaz’s story from the beginning. Its an amazing story, well written and captivating. I’ve read other blogs, read other comments by readers, but never have I been compelled to comment myself. Until now.

    I too was upset there would be no more early morning posts, but I understood that there would be a book. This was not an end to Mumtaz’s story. Merely a little break until its published.

    Many writers write trilogies or eight part series. We don’t get angry because the story didn’t end in the first book. We buy the next one to see wat happens and the one after that.

    If you feel compelled or want to appease those you feel you let down, then let Mumtaz’s story end on a cliffhanger for the purposes of this blog.

    BUT please don’t give up your dream of publishing this book. Tap into some of that fire and drive and determination your Great Gran had, and persue your dream.

  8. I was heartbroken yesterday but even more so today because yest 1 person disappointed a group of ppl but now many people managed to crush ur dreams, hopes and ambitions.. And that is far worse! Sister asma pls believe in yourself and whichever path u choose to follow may it bring u peace and may Allah reward u rightfully. Do not become a doormat as that would defeat the very purpose of the msg u are trying to convey through mumtaz.

    • I’m so grateful that u decided to post again, I felt so depressed when I read that u were not going to post anymore, I really do enjoy the post, thanks good luck, hope all goes well

  9. sister asmaa I think you should still publish your book. I am sure there are many who has not read mumtaz’s story yet. And I am more sure that like me everyone else here on your blog cant wait to read the entire publication. may Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you Inshaa Allah

  10. I don’t normally read the comments everyday but I did today. Ya Allah, I cannot believe people’s negativity. Blah, Blah, Blah, …… Listen people, sister Asmaa owes you NOTHING! She has given something for you to read and enjoy everyday so now lets give back to her and allow her to publish her book. Shes even willing to give us another story in exchange but NO….! Nothing is ever good enough for u people, Most of you, if you were in her shoes, would not hesitate for second to have it published so get off your moral high horse and say THANK YOU ASMAA!

    Cant people just be happy for other people??????????

    Im so embarrassed for you unappreciative lot

  11. This is Allah opening up a door for you asmaa …please dont disappoint and not take the opportunity and make a name for yourself….i say introduce us to bilkis and give mumtaz a chance to make a difference to everyone out there….make a name for yourself….10 years from now you will hear ur children say with so much respect my mother is a writer she has made a difference …she is a hope to so many women all over the world….there will always b critics n ppl who dont want to c you move forward in life…who cares …live for u. …il b very disappointed if you continue mumtaz….she belongs to u….i look forward to hearing about bilkis….lets give her achance….bilkis is the blogger and mumtaz is the miracle..that will inspire n create hope for womenall over the world

  12. I Still want a copy of the book regardless.This is me officially placing an order for the book. You are indeed very talented and I have no doubt you will write many more fantastic novels..

  13. This blog is SO addictive my advice is not to give up just because of a bunch of nasty comments
    Remember, pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever
    remember my advice 🙂 ur a #legend 😀
    Xoxo 🙂 L@y$

  14. Aslm sister asma ..plz publish ur book whether u go ahd wit d blog posts or not ..10 yrs dwn d line ppl wil stil hav a book to go back to n it def wil reach more ppl ..not every1 folos blogs ..u way too talented to only blog dis story it deserves to b published n books ® d best way of preservin ur work

  15. hukran for a wonderful read.I’m an avid reader Αη∂ have easily read thousands of books!Romances,fiction,nonfiction уσυ name it!anything readable °̩ read!ur writing intrigues Αη∂ captivates!so much so dat wenever I’m free I’m practically hogging ur page checkin for updates! °̩ was sad wen °̩ read dat mumtaz story won’t b continuin but elated cos one of uş is brave enuff to stand up and get herself published!mumtaz’s story is happening out de not only in ur writin but in reality!уσυ hav a gift Αη∂ it shud not be confined to just bloggers!PUBLISH urself!Allah wil mk it easy for уσυ! wε can always get da book уσυ know!its not like wε won’t know da ending,just dat it wil b latr in da interim wε will b proud of ur achievment cos wε were alongside уσυ wen da story started!Capre diem

  16. our dear sister Asma, plz be not a doormat all ur life…for then u will not realise it wen the ppl uve helped to be put on a pedestal will crush u with the bricks of the very same..theres always a time and place for everythng and everyone including you-Yess Y O U.may ALLAWH TA’ALAH keep u steadfast on faith in HIM nd HIM alone may ALLAWH grant u and ur families Hasanah in both worlds Aamien ya Rabbal A’lameen

  17. as heartbroken as i was when i read that Mumtaz’s story had ended, i so looked forward to reading about Bilkis. You see, it’s your writing i enjoy and should you publish any book or e-book one day Insha-Allah, i will still buy it.
    Jazak-Allah for sharing your stories with us and please continue writing 🙂

  18. Slmz. As happy as I am to hear that posts will continue ,I make Dua that your dream is still achieved. I would personally love to read this story again in an ebook or paperback..

  19. It looks like I missed out on quite a bit this weekend! Miss Authoress, follow your heart, don’t let people dictate. Perhaps self publish an e-book, it’s much cheaper to the reader. I personally love books but I have run out of shelf space, this will be my part conversion to e-books 😉 To appease those not willing to buy then post snatches of the story every 2nd day and let the story drag – perhaps your readers will get itchy and buy your book. All the best and always remain true to yourself.

  20. Heart Broken 😦 Will await the book INSHAALLAH!!!
    Cant wait for Bilkis Story !!!!!!!!!
    Well done on the amazing wrk u’ve dne sooo far

  21. Omw ! What dıd ı mıss out ! I dıdnt go back read what everybody has to say . But asma mentıoned “trashy name” callıng . That wasnt faır ! I was one yes of dısagreeıng to a novel . But then ı realısed lıke you saıd ıt was you that had decıded to wrıte thıs blog out of your own wıll nobody forced you , just lıke that ı thought who am ı or who are we to force you ınto anythıng . I guess everybody got angry coz we all just love mumtaz story and your wrıtıng !

  22. Slms Asmaa. You are a wonderful talented writer; not all writers can claim that. U have a gift for bringing your characters to life and making us care about them. I commend you for taking your readers’ opinions to heart and listening to us all. Inshaa Allah u will fulfil your dream of getting published. U should still go ahead and publish Mumtaz’s story. So many haven’t read it and many of us who have been following it would love to buy it in book form as well. All the best. May Allah make it easy for u! Our duas are with u.

  23. Oh no sister Asmaa!! Please publish your book. You have so much to offer to us all…

    As for all those negative people out there, have you ever ventured out into something new? A business perhaps?? Tested the market to see if your product will sell?? What do you owe the people who tested your product for free and told you what they thought?? NOTHING, you owe them nothing!!! Likewise, put yourself into Asmaa’s shoes… and ask yourself… Are you being fair to a person who put 5 years of her life into this and dreamed of it being published? Aren’t you being selfish to hold her back from achieving her dreams which she deserves?
    It is Asmaa’s right to have her book published!! We as Muslim women need to stand by her and help our sister to achieve success instead of bringing her down so we can have 5 minutes of a free daily read! The mentality of these readers just amazes me! Asmaa deserves for us all to support her for a job well done!

    Personally, I would love to see ‘Surviving’ published and would love to own an entire collection of books written by Asmaa one day.

    Sister Asmaa, please go ahead and publish your blog. It will be an asset to the people because of the many life lessons weaved into the story. Its not just a teenage romance novel and has the depth that most other published bloggers have not managed to achieve.

  24. Dear sister Asmaa
    I personally think u an excellent writer and u shud continue with ur dream.
    If everybody was enjoying the blog,I think you should all buy the book n stop being freebie hunters.

  25. Goodness, Asmaa, I think i need to come to your house with a velan. How can you even be a doormat. I have posted this in the other comment.. here i repeat it. PLEASE, stop pleasing people. Only please Allah. He will guide you to make the right choice. If you aim to please the whole world, shame you will be wasting your days because you can’t please everyone. We respect whatever decision you make.

    January 27, 2014 at 4:41 pm
    Asmaa, alhamdulillah, you have given us lots to think about the past few weeks. We have really enjoyed the journey of Mumtaz. i have read briefly through some of the comments, please let us respect Asmaa’s choices. Also let us remember that when we want to give someone some advise even if it means we want to criticise them, do it with best of conduct, that you don’t humiliate anyone in the process. Asmaa, I agree with the istikharah. You have said from the start in the first post you posted on this blog, you wanted a book, I think you mentioned there or you mentioned to me that you are testing the waters to see if people will be interested. Clearly people are going insane for this blog. You are talented. if you want to stop, please stop. Do not become a slave of this blog, and only answerable to Allah. So in your decision always make sure that Allah is pleased with you as you won’t please the whole dunya. Do what makes you happy. You won’t make everyone happy, what is important is, you are you happy. If a books is what you want, InshaAllah it will happen. Perservere and go for it. If you want to stop this story in blog format, it is your choice. Please make a choice with what you happy and do not become intimated by anyone..

  26. Many times in life you will turn around due to the words of others. Some1 once told me ” you were born alone and you will die alone, you alone will be answerable” so y live for others? I like you, always lived for others, to such an extent that I would feel guilty having anything nice without doing the same for others. I felt I didnt deserve. U deserve! Please publish your book. My advise is reach for ur dreams, forget all others.

  27. Slmz sister asmaa,im commentin for the 1st time..i was one of the disappointed fans yesterday,n quite angry with u,to b honest..but after readin what u wrote today,i felt so guilty at my anger..most of us r selfish,we’re only lookin at our desires n satisfaction,but we dont realise ur journey..after readin wat u wrote,i say go ahead n publish ur book..dont aim to plz ppl coz u’ll never succeed,only aim to plz Allah..
    I dont knw if il manage to get hold of the book if it gets published,as I dont live in s.a,but if u can forgo ur dreams for us readers,i can sacrifice knowin how the story will end to let u complete ur dreams…
    All the best in ur journey,n may Allah be with u every step of the way…
    Uhibbuki fillah!!!xxx

    • Don’t worry about getting the book, working on an e-book too 🙂 and for those that want neither, I will come up with an alternative decision… Thank you for the encouragement!

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