Surviving Book Launch and Reserve your book

NanimaPurpleHeart Charity


Please indicate if you will be reserving it or take a chance first come first serve. In order to reserve book we will have to receive prepayment.

If you can’t see form below click here Surviving reserving form


Please note no softdrinks allowed to be sold, we already have a biryani, ackni stall. if you want to sell food apply and we let you know if you are successful or not. We are looking for especially handmade stalls and unique stalls. Baking, savouries etc.
if you can’t see the form click here on the link Nanima Home Industry Expo

7 thoughts on “Surviving Book Launch and Reserve your book

  1. Awesome!  Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: SurvivingSent: Friday 21 February 2014 21:32To: lishaj67@gmail.comReply To: SurvivingSubject: [New post] Surviving Book Launch 21 March 2014

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    survivinlife posted: ” Preoder Book – Surviving by Asmaa Khan Everyone is waiting for the book. Ask Nanima has decided to publish it.  Have a team of great people working to ensure we have the best product available. Will acknowledge them once it is launched. At moment the h”

  2. Asmaa, please consider having launches all over SA, we would love to meet you and get our copies, hopefully signed 😉 ..
    This is so awesome and huge..
    Please consider..

  3. Aslm

    I’d just like to know how to place the pre-order for the book, I see the online form but I can’t send it in, please help. Also I don’t see a pick up point in Port Elizabeth, sad face :(, but please do let me know where I can collect after placing order.

    Really excited for this book!!!
    Hope all goes well with the book launch أن شأ الله!

    Ameera from Port Elizabeth
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  4. Salaams… Will Sister Asmaa be there the whole day or from a certain time? Because I’d like to come but it will only be after 2 and I don’t want to miss this great opportunity by meeting the greatest writer of my generation…. Please let me know…

  5. SURVIVING BOOK – I have had a few queries, please note we are still in the process of getting the book done. InshaAllah it should be ready by 21 March for the launch. We have started a preorder system to see how many we need to print and how many we need to courier to major centres in the country to inshAllah reach and also available on launch day 21 March 2014. Please note we will deal with posting of books locally and internationally after the launch and if there is available still. Please note there will be limited printed and available so it will work on a first come first serve basis unless you reserve your copy by making payment. Your copy will be kept aside for you waiting for you. We will send reserving details at a later stage.
    preorder book here –

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