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My loyal, patient, faithful readers

First of all, my deep apologies for going AWOL! Alhamdulillah, this journey has been amazing. I certainly couldn’t have done it without your encouragement, persuasion, dedication and duas. This is just the beginning of my quest… I always wanted to write a book before, but those were for selfish reasons. I wanted to write it for me, for my own pride. I wanted to write it for my mother’s pride and my grandfather’s. I wanted to see my name on the shelves. Now that I have, I finally understand the purpose about why I have written Mumtaz’s story. Finally, my life has more meaning, a moral purpose… This journey of Mumtaz’s has taken me to different heights, and through my readers my eyes have opened wider to the realities we are facing everyday.

As most of you know…. this Friday (21 March 2014) is the official launch of “SURVIVING”. It will take place at Nizamiye Complex (Turkish Masjid) in Midrand. Click on this for details or to order your book. Please spread the word. On BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, by word of mouth and any other way you can. We will also be having a ChariTEA, with limited goodies, tea and coffee, and ribbons for sale. The proceeds from this will go to a charity orginisation, Nisaa, which helps abused women. Remember this is not only about getting your hands on a copy of “SURVIVING”, but also about opening our hearts to a great cause, so come along with everyone you know. Come with big hearts and fatter wallets to help those like Mumtaz who are in Real Life situations. 

I thank you all for being with me on this amazing, inspirational journey. And look forward to meeting you on Friday. For those of you who cannot attend, please note that there are pick up points in Major cities (Johannesburg Cape Town & Durban) on the same day as launch. There is also a postage and courier option for next week. Take care, remember me in your duas, and pray for a successful day and beautiful weather.

Much Love



18 thoughts on “Spread the Word!

  1. Slmz very happy for u sis asmaa..i dont live in s.a,n I dnt hav a bank account..any way I can get a copy of the book? 😦

  2. Slmz sister will I b able to purchase the book in joburg on Saturday, as I will b in joburh on sat, I’m from polokwane From: SurvivingSent: Tuesday 18 March 2014 9:41 AMTo: ferhnaaz@gmail.comReply To: SurvivingSubject: [New post] Spread the Word!
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    survivinlife posted: “My loyal, patient, faithful readers First of all, my deep apologies for going AWOL! Alhamdulillah, this journey has been amazing. I certainly couldn’t have done it without your encouragement, persuasion, dedication and duas. This is just the beginning of “

  3. Slmz. JazakAllah for the reminder Sister Asmaa. Now I remembered that I didn’t make payment yet! All the best with the launch. So excited… Masha Allah. Will spread the word.

  4. I was also a critic when u stopped the blog because I was so hooked on the story but I also said that I would be the first to purchase the book. Payment made already, cant wait for launch day. Wishing u all the success, in my duaas…

  5. When I saw an email notification from Surviving Blog, I almost fainted with excitement!
    Not what I exactly wanted, but still excited nontheless. Lol
    All the best Asmaa, Insha’Allah Allah blesses the event with noor, barakah, mohabbet and beautiful weather. Ameen
    I wish I could be there, but I will be thinking of you (and Waseem) all day..
    All my luv, duas, hugs and kisses.
    Shabana S

  6. Slmz, I reserved a copy of the book but never received banking details. I will be picking up at the Purple Heart launch. Where do I get the banking details from?

  7. Slmz….

    I can’t explain how happy I am that your dream has finally been fulfilled…I know that you, your story and your strength has and will forever be a motivation and encouragement for many out there…
    I thoroughly enjoyed your story and was so excited when I read about the charitea…I was excited to finally meet this inspirational individual…but was dissapointed when I seen the date as I’d already booked a holiday for this specific weekend…but ALlah plans…..and He knows best….hopefully we shall meet in jannah…inshallah…I’ve also ordered my book and will sort out payment as soon as I’m back home inshallah…
    Jx to you for everything….
    Lots of love always..

  8. WOW,what a book,thanks sis A,loved the ending,looking 4wrd 2 the next book,I hope the survivng book becomes a movie,was a good read,I laughed and cried (lots) and giggled like a silly school girl,u outdid yourself,thanks again,was worth the wait… May اَللَّه (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتعالي) bless u and your family and grant ur nana and ma direct flight to jannatul firdaus آمين

  9. Slms Sister Asma.. Wow wat a brilliant story!!! Cudnt put t book down…ur writing is excellent…it was worth t short wait!!! Looking forward 2read more of your wrk…keep us informed…inshallah ur book will definitely b enjoyed&loved by all…good luck wid future writting.

  10. Slms Asma, I received your book this afternoon. And could not put it down.

    The best decision you could have made was publishing, and insha allah this Is just the begging.

    Looking forward to many more amazing novels from you. 🙂

  11. Slms and congratulations on publishing your book!
    I live overseas and have enjoyed reading your blog. When the notice went out on AskNanima to reserve a copy of the book I filled in the form twice but never received any account information. Are there any copies left that could be posted to me? Otherwise I have family I’m Laudium and Joburg that could pick up a copy for me, in any case I’m desperate to get a copy and see how it all ends!

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