Subhanallah! I Did It

For the first time in my life I have almost no words to describe the deep emotion I feel as people read my words all over South Africa. I leave you with my speech that I recited at the launch.


Ever since I can remember I had a dream. One day I would see my name on the cover of a book. My heart swelled when I dreamed about this, so you can only imagine the overwhelming emotion I feel now as my dream becomes a reality. My love of reading knows no bounds and I only have my late grandfather and my mother to thank for that. I remember reading from a very young age, and I am trying to the best of my ability to instil the same love of books in my children.

I knew the only way to complete a book was to write everyday, a little at a time, and I vowed to myself that I would finish a book one day, even if it took my whole life. Alhamdulillah, today I have not only accomplished my dream, but so much more. I have learned more about life and people. My eyes have opened wide and so has my heart. When I write I am transported into a different world, where anything is possible and everything is magical. When people asked me what inspired me to write a book, I could not give them a reason, other than I wanted to do it. Now, I finally understand why I wrote “Surviving”! It was the foundation of many great starts in my life. Firstly, beautiful bonds have solidified because of this journey. But most importantly, it gives the victims a voice! It allows us a glimpse into their world, and even though we would never be able to truly understand the depth of their situations, we are now able to open our hearts and assist a worthy cause by trying to get them help!

Today is not only about getting your copy of Surviving, scurrying back home and reading it. This is about reading it, understanding Mumtaz’s journey, helping others in her situation, even if you only have the ability to make a dua on their behalf, and most importantly not judging the next persons choices in life. Today is about the victim of abuse! I pledge my solidarity to always help another woman wherever I can, to the best of my abilities. Allah didn’t create us the weak, feeble creatures we are so often made out to be. Within us there is indestructible strength, which breaks free when we are tested, again and again. A womans tears are not her weakness. It is an outlet of the pain, and hurt and agony that her heart weeps, to make place for the resounding resilience that she displays. So pray not for her strength, but for sound wisdom so that she is able to make the best decision for herself.

I would like to offer thanks to all those who made this dream of mine possible. Firstly, to the Almighty for breezing the words into my heart so that I could weave them into a story. To my husband, my parents and all my family for being here today to mark this special occasion. To Ask Nanima, for making this dream a reality. To Taahira Rubidge, for her excellent editing and typesetting skills. To Saaleha Bamjee, for her amazing camera and design work. To my blog readers, for believing in Mumtaz’s story and opening your heart, as I have. To Mariam Fakir, who couldn’t be with us today but without who this ChariTea wouldn’t have been possible.  To all the generous people that have donated wholeheartedly to this cause.


The proceeds from the ChariTea will be donated to Nisaa Institute for Womens Development.

I would like to thank the following people for donating various items for the chariTea:

NiqiLivingLuxe, Stashy’s, Tasneem Jadwat Casoojee, Fatima Laher, Khadija Mohamed, Theshni Govender, Basheera Mayet, Uncle Haroon Moolla (Scarves Unlimted), Moosa’s Sales Room (Plaza), Haberdashery Supermarket (Plaza), Edible Elegance, and those helping hands who assisted in the setting and manning of the tea tables. Jazakallah also to all those who attended to support me and share that special moment with me.


Please continue to make dua for me on my journey to better myself. May Allah guide me in my writing so that through me, our youth can open their eyes, and through my words I become a source of inspiration and motivation to many more. And make dua that I am able to write with ease, and produce something else equally as gripping as “Surviving”. I am not done… within me there is insurmountable energy waiting to be transferred into words… My journey has only begun.


Much Love


(Pics to follow)



16 thoughts on “Subhanallah! I Did It

  1. SĿMZ. Subhan ΛĿĿΛђ. I’m sure it was a very overwhelming feeling for you. Well deserved too. May ΛĿĿΛђ continue to bless you ȈŅŜĤÅ ÂŁŁÅĤ. Do remember me in duas as I continue to fight lifes battles…

  2. Slmz Asma, congratz on the publication of ur book, Mashallah may all ur dreamz come true Ameen! How do I contact u, I’m an owner of a coffEe shop and I would love to keep ur book either as a pick up point or mayb
    even sell it IA.

  3. WOW,congrats and thank you Sis A,was a wonderful read,I laughed,I cried (lots) and even giggled like a silly child,loved it,loved it,loved it,all the best on the next book,can’t wait 4 read it,any chance of a movie like survivning coming out in the near future? ;). Thanx again

  4. Sallams.. Fırstly a bıg thank yoU to yOU for gıvıng Uss thıs novel as promısed. And u dıd a fantastıc job wıth ıt . The endıng of the book couldnt have been any better ıt was totally Ω̶ωƹڪ♥мƹ !!! I hope you wrıte more novels ın the future.
    Wıth love . Laughter & everytın sweeT

  5. Slmz Asma, alham n shukr to Allah for your success. Plz lemme knw wher is they sellin your book in joburg, o mayb a door to door delivery. I cudnt submit details to you as my fone wasnt allowin the form to go through. I live in roshnee.

  6. Slms Asma!
    Congratz to u on the launch of your book.

    where in durban can we get a copy of your book as I see no details were given as yet.


  7. Salaam,
    I would firstly like to congratulate you on the wonderful work you did with this book. I loved it from the time it was a blog. I waited impatiently for it to be published and well worth the wait it was.
    You touched so many people with Mumtaz’s story. It was easy to feel for her and to feel her emotion, to watch her grow and feel proud of her strength and survival skills.
    You have a gift from Allah. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Awaiting your next book.
    Much love

  8. Salaam Asma
    First of all i would like to congratulate you on the success of your book. when i started reading it, i couldn’t put it down, through a lot of tears and smiles i completed the book, it was quite an experience. it is a real eye opener for the youth as well. my little sister who hates reading also couldnt put the book down until she completed reading it. she still cannot get the images out of her mind of what mumtaaz went through, if not now i know it will help her to make the proper decisions in life

  9. Dearest sister asma….I’d like to let u know that I received my copy of the book yesterday….I couldn’t put it down until I completed at 12:30am last night…

    I’ve been follwing your blog right from the beginning and read the story right till the end…

    You are an extreme inspiration mashallah….your way of writing is excellent and I found myself weeping profusely at most parts…

    May Allah bless u in your life and make you much more successful in allk ur endeavours…

    I will deffinitely recommend ur book to everyone I know…..

    Pls don’t let this be ur last.
    I’d also like to know if you’re going to start bilquees’s story or not..

    Jx for the best read ever!

  10. Asalamu alaikum. Hope you well. Finally got my book. I throughly enjoyed it and commend you on your efforts. However I feel that more emphasis should have been placed on mumtaz connection with Allah and her journey in that regard. Salaah is the second pillar of deen but there are many other branches of deen like modesty etc. Intermingling of genders is completely haraam. It was path of the story but I felt that it should have being highlighted that its haraam.
    hope to see more of your writing and all the best in your future endeavours

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