New Story – Rich Girl, Poor Girl

So, I have disappeared. Writing demons are a thing of it’s own. I couldn’t think of anything to write, the words just wouldn’t come. I feared that this was it, Surviving was all my brain had to give. I wondered if I would ever find any other ideas. I have hit a brick wall with concerns to Bilkis’ story, and I have spent many blank hours staring at my computer screens in the hopes of something passing through my fingertips onto the keyboard. And what I do already have is not enough to give. So one day I just opened my notebook, and the words flowed, something entirely new popped forth in my brain, and I knew that Allah wasn’t done whispering words into my soul. Maybe all I needed was a little “old-school” inspiration. 

My mind has been working so hard to try to give you something else after Surviving, and now Shukr to Allah, I have the words to give you…

Not just yet, though… I need enough so I don’t have too many pauses in between…

In the meantime I request that you make dua that Allah guides me in my writing, and that he use me as a means to inspire and motivate through my writing…

Much Love



10 thoughts on “New Story – Rich Girl, Poor Girl

  1. Yayyy…..was wondering when Bilkis’s story will start…..@ least I know it will b soon إن شاء الله .
    All d best 🙂

  2. My heart was pounding in my chest when I saw an email notification from Surviving..
    *jumps in the wheelbarrow with Asmaa*
    I’m ready for this journey, Asmaa. Let’s go 🙂

  3. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    May Allah guide you and We wish you all the best. I just know this is going to be another awesome blog.

  4. Oh YES!!!!!!!!!alhamdulillah…I should have asked for something better…I can’t wait…
    May Allah continue to inspire you so that you are able to continue inspiring us…

    Best of luck on this great new journey inshallah…

    May this be only the second of many many many more inshallah…

  5. Yippee!! Can’t wait for the new story from u Asma, just one request hope it won’t be stopped midway to be published as a book

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