One day I had the “brilliant” idea to start writing a novel… My dreams would come true, my book would be published one day, I made myself believe. So many people had read my short stories and loved them, they told me so, so oviously they would want to publish my book (sarcasm thickly buttered). Being the naive person that I still am (I have decided to blog my failure and expect followers) I bought an A4 hardcover book and a clutch pencil, several erasers and extra lead (NO! I did not own a laptop back then). I started a story, and it seemed to flow out of nowhere. I got all happy and excited. I can do this, I convinced myself. I did write quiet a lot. And then I just stopped writing. I fell pregnant with my second child, and my creative juices seemed to be replaced with extra progesterone and other gross hormones.

I didnt write for the next two years, and then one day when I moved back to the City of lights, and I was unpacking boxes, I came across this story I began in a little shop in EverGreen Tzaneen and I decided that I wouldnt let it just collect dust, I would pursue it! My head got stuck in the clouds again. This time I actually owned a laptop, and I attempted to type it all out. As I began, I also made several changes. Again, I believed my story was great. I clicked and clacked on my laptop into the wee hours of the night and my sons and husband snored and slumbered. And I finished it one day last year. Then it took me another two months to muster up enough courage to send it to the publishing house of my choice. I should have listened to that tiny voice inside telling me that they would never choose my book, but I always have hope, like a little pony tailed girl believing in fairies and unicorns and shit. So I sent it through, and I got rejected. And then still believing in fairies and unicorns and shit, I sent it to another publishing house, and got rejected again. Apparently I wasnt what they were looking for. So two weeks ago, I recieved my manuscript. I am now a mother of three sons, and with each new addition to my family I do something incredibly crazy. This time is no different. I have decided that I would blog my book, and attempt to share it with the world. I still believe in fairies and unicorns and shit, can you believe it!!!???

So here goes…. read it please…. or just run from here, ‘coz I am easily hurt, and I might flood you with tears and jam up your keypad or something….

I will upload “Chapter One: The Past” in parts, starting sometime later today, if I can find the time.

Until then….

Author: Asmaa Dangorgeos Khan



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