Reserve Book

We have received an overwhelming amount of preorders for the surviving book. We were only planning to print a limited amount of copies for the first edition. To ensure everyone that really wants the book gets it we have started a reservation system.

Please read carefully as most of your questions will be answered below.

1. You can buy the book directly from pick up point. There will be limited books there, first come first serve. The book may be sold out by the time you get there.

2. RESERVE your book – If you want us to keep your book for you and not sell it. Waiting for you at your pick up point or couriered/posted to you.

As we were intending only to print a certain amount of books with our limited budget, we need to see who is serious about the book so we don’t overprint or underprint. If you want a book waiting for you at your pick up point or launch day or posted/couriered to you please reserve the book by making payment. We will send the banking details to everyone in second week of March to reserve the book.

The only pick up points where books will be available on launch day will be major centres

  • Johannesburg Nizamiye after book launch 21 March
  • Cape Town on 21 March after 3pm venue to be confirmed
  • Durban after 3pm on 21 March venue to be confirmed

All other pick up points will either be from Saturday or Monday unless other arrangements can be made.
We will only post and courier in the week after the launch.

We will inform you about pick up point addresses on Friday 21 March so you don’t start harassing people from now.

Anyone picking up a book at  Nizamiye launch will get it at opening special of R160.
Book Price is R180 everywhere else.
We will keep you updated as much as we can. We will let everyone know the address where to pick up books on 21 March.

Thank you for your understanding and patience .
to be updated Visit or
Once you click submit at the bottom scroll up to see message that  the form is submitted.


If you can’t see form below click here Surviving reserving form



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